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YMX Inflatable tents

ID: P2012003
YMX Inflatable tents YMX Inflatable tentsYMX Inflatable tentsYMX Inflatable tentsYMX Inflatable tents
YMX Inflatable tentsYMX Inflatable tents

YMX inflatable airtight tents are a four-sided portable structure with a square floor plan suitable both for leisure activities and especially for professional use. These tents are most often used for advertising presentations, at trade fairs and exhibitions, or at sporting events.

These tents are airtight (pneumatic) structures, so the tent does not need to be constantly inflated by an external compressor - after inflation it remains built throughout the period of use. Pressure relief valves ensure that there is no overinflation and damage - as soon as the ideal pressure inside the construction, these valves begin to discharge excess air.


RedX® YMX inflatable tent specifications

There are 3 sizes available that meet high demands in terms of quality, ease of erection and storage. All our RedX® YMX inflatable tents come standard with a 220V electric pump, storage bag and anchoring kit, so they are ready for immediate use. There is also a wide range of accessories - side panels, external side extensions, sand bags for anchoring side panels on a hard surface, anchoring bags for sand, electric compressors, connecting tunnels, printed banners, LED lights, etc.




Standard stock fabric colours

The roof and side panels are made of POLYESTER fabric offering a range of standard stock colours: black, white, red (PANTONE 186C), blue (PANTONE 287C) and yellow (PANTONE 116C). The roof itself and the sides can be printed on the entire surface by digital printing.


A range of standard stock colour combinations of POLYESTER fabrics for the production of roofs and sidewalls.

Standard stock colours of material for the production of the pneumatic inflatable structure itself

The most important part of any inflatable tent is the quality of supporting structure itself. Our inflatable tents are pneumatic. This means that the tent construction is airtight. After inflating, the tent remains stationary without the need for constant air replenishment. The construction/frame of RedX® inflatable tents consists of two parts: an inner airtight pocket made of soft POLYURETHAN and an outer casing made of POLYESTER, which hides and protects the air POLYURETHAN pocket. For the production of the outer POLYESTER construction cover, customers can choose from 8 colour combinations: black, blue (PANTONE 300C), green (PANTONE 376C), gray (PANTONE Coll gray 6U), orange (PANTONE 811C), red (PANTONE 185C), white and yellow (PANTONE 109C).


A range of standard stock colour combinations of POLYESTER fabrics for the production of the outer layer of the pneumatic structure itself.

Pneumatic airtight design without the need for a constant air supply

RedX® YMX inflatable tents offer a reliable, high-quality and compact alternative to conventional pop-up party tents. Each tent consists of a pneumatic (airtight) construction, roof cover and side panels. The construction/frame itself then consists of an outer "cover" made of POLYESTER, which houses the inner airtight "body" made of POLYURETHAN. The outer covers (roof and side panels) are made of POLYESTER with a fiber density of 500D Denier, and they also offer the possibility of printing and personalization in the form of digital sublimation.


YMX inflatable tents have a four-sided construction with a square floor plan.

The pneumatic design of these tents means that once the tent structure is inflated, it remains stationary without the need for constant air replenishment. The construction of the tent contains pressure relief valves, which prevent overfilling and thus damage to the tent. As soon as the internal pressure reaches the ideal level, the pressure relief valves begin to release excess air.

Basic characteristics of RedX® YMX inflatable tents

  • Pneumatic (airtight) design without the need for constant inflation.
  • The four-sided design includes pressure relief valves for spontaneous release of excess unnecessary air.
  • Possibility of sublimation printing.
  • A wide range of basic colour combinations.
  • The side panels and external side extensions are attached to the roof with zippers.
  • 100% waterproof covers.
  • Covers with reduced flammability.
  • Production time from order confirmation: 2-3 weeks.




Optional awning extension, with printed banner.

Technical specifications of RedX® YMX inflatable tents

  • Available sizes: four-sided 4mx4m / 5mx5m / 6mx6m.
  • Tent height:275 cm / 330 cm / 395 cm.
  • Entrance height: 190 cm / 225 cm / 270 cm.
  • Weight of the structure and roof: 20 kg / 32 kg / 44 kg.
  • Size of the tent packed in the transport bag: approx. 80cmx50cmx50cm / 85cmx60cmx60cm / 90cmx65cmx65cm.
  • Construction leg diameter: 15 cm / 20 cm / 25 cm.
  • Material of inflatable frame/construction: THERMOPLASTIC POLYURETHANE (TPU) with outer POLYESTER layer of fabric.
  • Roof and sidewalls material: POLYESTER with a fiber density of 500D Denier.



Contents of standard package

  • Pneumatic airtight inflatable construction/frame.
  • Roof cover.
  • Transport bag.
  • Electric 220V pump.
  • Anchoring set for soft surfaces (industrial pegs and straps).
  • Anchoring set for hard surfaces (sandbags).
  • Inflation time when using a hand pump: approx. 15-30 min. 
  • Inflating time with electric pump: approx. 4 - 8 min.


Protective bag (included in the package with each tent), 220V electric compressor (included in the package with each tent), 12V rechargeable electric compressor (optional accessory), hand pump (optional accessory).

Available accessories

  • Side panels - full, windows, doors.
  • Side panels with sublimation print - solid, windows, doors.
  • External side awning extension.
  • External side awning extension with sublimation print.
  • Removable exchangeable banner for external side extension.
  • Connecting tunnel between two tents.
  • Connecting tunnel with sublimation printing.
  • Electric pump 220 V (included in the package with each tent).
  • Electric pump 12V rechargeable.
  • Sandbags for anchoring the lower edge of the sidewall.
  • LED light.


Optional accessories: side panel with window, side panel with door, solid side panel, external extension (EMX inflatable tent is shown in the picture for illustration).


An important optional part is a quality LED light.