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Sky Banners

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Sky Banners Sky BannersSky BannersSky BannersSky Banners
Sky BannersSky BannersSky BannersSky Banners

RedX® SKY BANNERS extend the promotional area of our pop-up tents and attract attention from further afield due to their extra height. Interchangeable banners allow different designs to be shown using just one frame, when marketing separate products or when particular sponsors are to be promoted. Full-flood digital printing means any graphic image can be printed on the sky banner for a vibrant visual impact at its best. RedX® SKY BANNER, with its stainless steel construction, is designed to be firmly attached to pur Pop-up tents using steel clamps.


SKY BANNER installation, frame and printing options

The outer frame of the banner consists of two horizontal stainless steel profiles, into which the banner itself is attached to the lower and upper edge using the KEDAR system (the outer reinforced edge of the banner is threaded through the rails). These profiles are then connected to two vertical struts that complete the outer frame of the banner, and in addition serve to attach to the legs of the scissor tent using steel connectors.

Production and delivery time: approx. 10-14 days

We produce SKY BANNER in either 3m or 6m size. It is an ideal helper for participants in trade fairs, exhibitions, farmers' markets and other events where it is necessary to increase visibility. The banner itself is interchangeable, so multiple banners with different designs can be used on one frame, depending on the need and type of event.

Package contents

  • Banner made of quality POLYESTER 300g fabric.
  • Full-surface printing in the form of digital sublimation (printing into the fabric structure).
  • 2x horizontal rails for holding the banner.
  • 2x vertical strut to complete the outer frame and attach to the legs of the pop-up tent.
  • Steel clamps for attachment to the pop-up tent´s frame.
  • "Torx" key to connect the individual parts of the outer frame.
  • Protective bag.

Contact us with your request, send us your logos and we will be happy to prepare a non-binding graphic design and price calculation!