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PROFI COMPACT pop-up tents

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PROFI COMPACT pop-up tents PROFI COMPACT pop-up tentsPROFI COMPACT pop-up tentsPROFI COMPACT pop-up tentsPROFI COMPACT pop-up tents
PROFI COMPACT pop-up tentsPROFI COMPACT pop-up tentsPROFI COMPACT pop-up tentsPROFI COMPACT pop-up tents

Available colours

  • White White
  • Racing Green Racing Green
  • Navy Blue Navy Blue
  • Royal Blue Royal Blue
  • Red Red
  • Orange Orange
  • Silver Silver
  • Black Black
  • Lime Green Lime Green
  • Burgundy Burgundy
  • Cream Cream
  • Purple Purple
  • Pink Pink
  • Brown Brown
  • Yellow Yellow

Our PROFI COMPACT folding pop-up tents are ideal in situations where the space for storing or transporting the tent is a scarce commodity. The construction/frame of these tents in the folded (closed) state reaches a height of only 102 cm (compared to the 155 cm original PROFI version) and are thus the smallest folding scissor tent on the market. Smaller construction size is achieved by:

  • shortened scissor alloy profiles, of which there are up to 2x more on each frame/construction compared to the original PROFI version
  • by dividing the vertical stands (legs of the structure) into 3 telescopic parts (in the original PROFI version, the legs of the structure are divided into 2 parts)
Like the original RedX® PROFI tents, the PROFI COMPACT series offers professional pop-up party tents designed primarily for fully professional use (trade fairs, catering, farmers markets, motorsports, exhibitions, etc.), but are also suitable for home and hobby use (garden parties , festivities, celebrations, barbecues, fishing, races and competitions). This type of tent offers an absolutely ideal ratio of these attributes: fairly low weight of the tent / high strength of the structure / affordable price.

PROFI COMPACT tents achieve this combination thanks to a strong but at the same time relatively light aluminum construction/frame, double inner struts inside each aluminum x-section scissor profile (increase structural strength by approx. 30%), extremely durable nylon joints and high-quality polyester fabric with inner coating of PVC (100% waterproof and fireproof material).

Although the erection and subsequent closing of PROFI COMPACT tents takes a few minutes longer compared to the original PROFI series, the advantage is the high compactness of the structure, which in the folded (closed) state reaches a height of only 102 cm.

Why choose this PROFI tent in the COMPACT version?

  • Perfect storage (height of the structure in the closed state is only 102 cm).
  • Great value for money.
  • Fully professional tent with a wide range of uses.
  • Solid aluminum construction with internal struts inside all aluminum x-section scissor profiles.
  • Joints made of carbon fiber reinforced nylon (10-year warranty on joints and joints!).
  • Quality POLYESTER covers with inner PVC coating.
  • 100% water resistance.
  • Fireproof roof and sidewalls.

This is just a small list of the advantages of our PROFI COMPACT pop-up tent model, thanks to which you can be sure that it will provide sufficient strength, relatively low weight, high foldability, protection against adverse weather conditions, professional presentation and with suitable printing also significant visibility.


RedX® PROFI is a series of best-selling professional scissor tents (size 3mx3m and 3mx2m in the pictures)

Essential feature of PROFI COMPACT construction/frame: Internal double struts inside the x-section scissor aluminum profiles

The basic feature of any professional pop-up party tent should be sufficient strength and durability of the structure. Therefore, we add a double inner strut to each x-section scissor aluminum profile that forms the frame of the tent. This increases the already high overall strength of the PROFI COMPACT structure/frame by up to a further 30%: nuzkovy-party-stan-3x3-profi-redx-8

Buy RedX® pop-up tents with confidence!

WE GUARANTEE with every RedX® PROFI COMPACT pop-up party tent:

  • All spare parts availability.
  • Large stock quantities.
  • Unrivaled service and advice.

Package contents PROFI COMPACT scissor party tent

  • Solid all-alloy construction/frame (PROFI COMPACT version).
  • PROFI roof (material: POLYESTER with inner PVC coating).
  • Optional according to variants "with / without" - Full PROFI full set of side panels (POLYESTER with inner PVC cover) - combination of 2 pcs of windows with internal blinds and 2 pcs of rolling extra wide doors that can be closed with quality zippers.
  • Transport / storage bag (for sidewalls).
  • Anchoring set for soft surfaces (8x professional stainless steel pegs and 4x solid NYLON rope).
  • Protective wheeled-bag for the frame:


Detailed specifications of the frame, roof and sidewalls of PROFI COMPACT tents


Key advantages of RedX® PROFI COMPACT pop-up tents:

1. Quality aluminum type 6061, hexagonal profile Ø 45mm
2. FREE transport bag on wheels
3. Large steel feet for anchoring the tent
4. Nylon joints reinforced with carbon fiber
5. Vertical strut(s) with built-in spring
6. Nylon eyelets in the corners of the roof for fixing NYLON ropes
7. Adjustable height - 5x height positions
8. Internal roll-up closeable window blinds
9. Double layer of fabric in the corners of the roof
10. Seams taped with TPU tape
11. Double layer of fabric in stressed places
12. Double layer of fabric at the edges of the sidewalls
13. Quality zippers for opening / closing doors
14. Roll-up closeable wide door

Specifications of RedX® PROFI COMPACT frame construction

  • The frame/construction is made of quality aluminum type 6061, hexagonal profile of the legs of the frame, Ø 45mm.
  • Frame weight (construction):

1.5mx1.5m: 18kg
2mx2m: 22kg
3mx2m: 29kg
3mx3m: 26kg
4.5mx3m: 34kg

  • Height of the frame (construction) in the folded (unopened) state: 102cm.
  • Joints are made of NYLON reinforced with CARBON FIBERS ensuring high flexibility of the material. These joints are almost indestructible
  • 5 levels of selectable height adjustment on each leg using a simple mechanism that releases the locking system in the joints by pulling the ring lock. This is a better, faster and more user-friendly variant compared to the more traditional "push-button" method, in which the user's fingers suffer (apart from nerves).
  • Optional height of the lower edge of the roof´s valance: min. 170 cm - max. 200 cm.
  • Optional height of the tent´s roof´s top itself: min. 303 cm - max 333 cm.
  • Each leg is finished with an extra large steel "foot", providing structural stability. The tent is also anchored through these feet.
  • The whole construction holds together thanks to self-locking screws, which are securely and firmly embedded in nylon joints.
  • Central vertical strut(s) with built-in inner spring - form the center of the structure and ensure ideal tension of the roof.

Specifications of RedX® PROFI COMPACT roof

  • The roof is made of POLYESTER with an inner PVC coating, 100% waterproof and fireproof, the fiber density is 600D Denier.
  • Weight of roof:

1.5mx1.5m: 3kg
2mx2m: 4kg
3mx2m: 5kg
3mx3m: 6kg
4.5mx3m: 8kg

  • The weight/thickness of the roof cover is 380g per square meter of roof area.
  • Double-layer material in particularly stressed areas (inner corners of the roof, etc.).
  • Velcro system for the correct tensioning and attachment of the roof to the aluminum structure.
  • Double stitching in particularly stressed areas.
  • Seams heat-sealed with TPU tape for 100% water resistance.
  • Anchor loops on 4x corners of the roof edges to attach anchor ropes.
  • Large selection of colour combinations.

Specifications of RedX® PROFI COMPACT sidewalls

  • The side panels are made of POLYESTER with an inner PVC coating, 100% waterproof and fireproof, the fiber density is 600D Denier.
  • Weight of the complete sidewalls sets:

1.5mx1.5m: 8kg
2mx2m: 10kg
3mx2m: 11kg
3mx3m: 14kg
4.5mx3m: 15kg

  • Double-layer fabric in particularly stressed places, especially side edges with zippers.
  • Velcro system for proper attachment to the roof and frame/structure.
  • Double stitching in particularly stressed areas.
  • The full set is a combination of 4 separate side panels (POLYESTER with internal PVC coating) - a combination of 2 windows with internal blinds and 2 rolling extra wide doors that can be closed with quality zippers. Except for the 4.5mx3m and 3mx2m version, all other sizes of COMPACT pop-up tents have a square floor plan, ie. that all 4 sides are the same width and can be placed on either side of the tent. The 4.5mx3m and 3mx2m versions offers 2 pieces of roll-up extra wide doorson the longer sides and 2 pieces of windows with internal blinds on the shorter sides.
  • The individual sides are connected using high-quality zippers, and the sides are connected to the frame using Velcros.
  • Large selection of colour combinations.

Printing, branding and colour swatches

We offer many colour variants depending on the selected size:

White / Black / Dark Green / Lime Green / Dark Blue / Orange / Purple / Brown / Pink / Burgundy / Silver / Cream / Red / Royal Blue / Yellow


Printing and branding

We offer an additional printing service for all RedX® pop-up party tents. You can print text, logos, specific colours, intricate graphic designs, and even high-resolution photos.

Depending on the complexity of the print, you can choose between:

  • a cheaper variant of thermal vinyl transfer (vinyl heat-press application)
  • or professional digital sublimation printing (digital printing into the fabric structure)

Find out more information about printing and branding options on RedX® pop-up tents!

In addition, we offer a free and non-binding graphic design service. All you have to do is send us logos and tell us as much information as possible about the requirements. We will arrange the rest!

Our PROFI COMPACT pop-up tents in action

And what can your pop-up PROFI COMPACT party tent look like in action? Like this:



Building a pop-up tent couldn't be easier

Erecting of our RedX® PROFI COMPACT tent has been honed over many years of experience so that the construction itself is an easy and fast affair even for one person. Although the tent can only be set up by one person, it is of course always easier to set up a tent for two.

Putting up of pop-up tent in steps

  1. Hold the structure by the side x-section scissor profiles on opposite sides (by two people).
  2. Lift the structure approx. 5 cm - 10 cm from the ground and gradually open the tent by walking back.
  3. Lock the corner sliding joints in place.
  4. This is followed by the extension of the telescopic legs of the tent to the required height.